The SteriCUBE® Multiple Tray Sterilization System

The Future of Sterilization, Here Today.

The SteriCUBE® System is a patented, 100% green, multi-tray sterilization system that eliminates the need for “blue wraps” and resultant bio-hazardous waste. After processing, the SteriCUBE® System can be rolled directly to the OR with “surgery-ready” instruments without delay or stored up to 30 days without contamination. This progressive multi-tray delivery solution results in “3 new dimensions” of sterilization: increased Patient Safety, improved Productivity, and Cost Savings. Simply put, these are our Steri3 Advantages.


1. PATIENT SAFETY – Patented multiple tray sterilization system dramatically lowers risk of failure, surgery delay, and undetected instrument contamination
• No holes in wrap, wetpacks or contaminated trays that need to be re-sterilized
• All 12 “surgery-ready” instrument trays can be grouped together and stored for up to 30 days


2. PRODUCTIVITY – Elimination of “blue wrap” greatly reduces tray prep and processing time as well as freeing up the OR nurse to tend to the patient rather than looking for holes in wraps
• Estimates are that 10% (or more) instrument trays are rejected for tears, holes, wetpacks or lost/misplaced contents. This risk is virtually eliminated using the SteriCUBE system
• Confidence in 100% SteriCUBE® sterility maintenance results in faster case start times as well as increased surgeon and staff satisfaction


3. COST SAVINGS* – Elimination of “blue wrap” also results in huge cost savings from its first use
• Dramatically reduces costs associated with materials and labor including wraps, corner protection, linen, individual rigid containers, overtime expense, bio-hazardous waste, workers comp injury
• Increase throughput by eliminating multiple steps in CS/SPD and the OR

*ask us for a detailed cost analysis for your hospital

Here’s what our hospital partners are saying about the SteriCUBE® System and its Steri3 Advantages:

Here’s what our hospital partners are saying about The SteriCUBE® System and its Steri3 Advantages:


“We have been able to reduce set up time in the OR down to 2 minutes and 18 seconds from our average of 30 minutes.”

“I don’t know how we ever did it without them.”


“We can fit an extra case in each OR every day… that’s how much time we save up there. I feel like I am helping hundreds of patients get their surgery done sooner so they don’t have to wait as long. It’s a great feeling.”

“We would be lost without them. Now we can get all the stuff done that nobody ever had time to do before.”


“It has greatly decreased the amount of time and staff needed when having to wrap the loaner trays… It is effective and efficient…”